Can you get Internet service without having a landline?


You can have internet without having a land line connection by using broadband. This option has the advantages of cutting down on your costs of renting a landline. Mobile broadband delivers an internet connection over the air via 3G mobile phone networks.
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Can You Have Internet Without a Land Line Phone?
Up until early 2000, it was impossible for home users to access the Internet without a telephone line. Unless you could afford a T1 connection, your only choice for Internet access was using a modem connected via your telephone line. Fortunately, with... More »
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You can connect to the internet without a phone line. You can do this by buying an only Internet service from your provider. This service does not require telephone ...
You can get internet without a phone line as well as with a phone line. This can be done through broadband which is offered by Virgin Media. They also provide ...
You can get internet access without a phone line, depending on where you live. There are two key ways of getting online devoid of a landline. You can join Virgin ...
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