Can you get Internet service without having a landline?


You can have internet without having a land line connection by using broadband. This option has the advantages of cutting down on your costs of renting a landline. Mobile broadband delivers an internet connection over the air via 3G mobile phone networks.
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1. Apply for Internet service through a local satellite company. Most satellite companies offer Internet plans bundled with their TV programming package. If you are already a subscriber
If you have cable TV, I would check with them. I have internet with my cable provider (Comcast) and it is significantly faster than any DSL (type of internet you get from the phone
My daughter has road runner service here, they didn't need her to have a landline phone to use it. Try calling the local cable company there and see if they have a deal. For the first
"The Internet" and "cell phones" are really amorphous terms, and as far as they apply to consumers and the general public's consumer use it would probably be a
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Can You Have Internet Without a Land Line Phone?
Up until early 2000, it was impossible for home users to access the Internet without a telephone line. Unless you could afford a T1 connection, your only choice for Internet access was using a modem connected via your telephone line. Fortunately, with... More »
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You can get internet without a phone line as well as with a phone line. This can be done through broadband which is offered by Virgin Media. They also provide ...
You can get internet access without a phone line, depending on where you live. There are two key ways of getting online devoid of a landline. You can join Virgin ...
To block a number from calling you on your landline phone you will first need to subscribe to call blocking from your phone company. Some include the feature with ...
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