Can You Have Thunder without Lightning?


It is impossible to have thunder without lightning since thunder is a direct product of lightning. The two occur simultaneously although you may not hear the thunder when the lightning strikes too far.
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It is mistakenly believed that lightning can occur w/o thunder because the sound
most likely there is lighting from a further away storm and that's why the thunder occurs other wise i don't know.
Thunderstorms develop when warm, moist air rises to join cold air high in the atmosphere. When the humid air rises and meets the cold air, large clouds form. When the clouds become
I'm not a meteorologist, but thunder and lightning are possible in the winter when you get rapid convection. I've seen this happen over water. You can then get hail and 'thundersnow
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No you can not have thunder without lightning. Lightning is a stream of charged particles called plasma. This is like having a stream of the material that makes up the sun, super heating the air. The super heated air rushes out of the aria of the plasma stream faster than the speed of sound, causing a sonic boom. We call the sonic boom thunder.
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Thunder is to lightening as Grape is to blank, is a form of an anology that can often be found on various types of standardized testing. In order for the student ...
Thunderstorms is a rumbling or crack of sound caused because lightning heating up the air, to about 30 000ºC, resulting it to expand quickly and the rumbling ...
Lightning creates a cylindrical shock wave in the air, which is why we hear thunder. As is the case with all sound, thunder is the air molecules bumping into each ...
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