Can you join the military with flat feet?


The military allows people with flat feet to join. Flat feet were once a cause for concern because it was believed that people with flat feet were less tolerant of foot stress.

Military studies concerning flat feet and injury have been unconvincing in the past, stating that flat feet are not necessarily a hindrance in service according to This is especially true in people who are of legal age to join the military and have never had any prior problems with their feet. Nevertheless, a recruit with flat feet may be disqualified for service at the military entrance processing station (MEPS) if the assessor decides that the person's flat feet may become an issue.

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The military accepts applicants as young as 17, as long as they have written and signed permission from the legal guardians of the applicant.
Flat feet means your foot has no arch, which in turn can't-you-be-in...
you have to be sixteen to join but eighteen to fight or go over seas.
People with flat feet frequently join the Army. You may want to speak with a recruiter.1-888-550-ARMY. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 12:46PM EST. Source
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Flat feet (pes planus) that are symptomatic or severe are a permanent disqualifying factor for military service, including service in the Army. It might be possible ...
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