Can You Keep 2 Male Guinea Pigs Together?


You can keep two male guinea pigs together. They can get along very well if they have almost the same ages. It would be ok to put them together, providing that they are of the same gender.
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You usually don't want to keep male and female guinea
It will not take long for the two to breed. Only a few minutes is required for them to get the job done. You should make sure that they do not fight and cause injury.
Guinea pigs need really big cages Look on this site about cages: If you have the proper cage requirement and can care for more than 2 boars you can get
Hmm...these prices are approximate. Going on the pets at home website: 1kg of timothy hay costs 3.39. This is for your piggie to eat...I estimate this would last a pair about a week
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Unlike most animals, male guinea pigs can be kept together, especially if they have grown up together from a young age. An older male guinea will also get along with a younger male, but two grown males who are strangers might not get on so well. It is also wise to provide a nook where one of the males can retreat to if he is badgered by the other male, just in case they don't get along all the time.
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