Can You Let Male and Female Rabbits Live Together?


No, male and female rabbits can not live together. The cage and accessories would be just fine with two rabbits but I am telling you never, ever keep an unsprayed female with an neutered male. The male will constantly be humping her if they are not both fixed and he could die from a heart attack from 'doing it'. Unfixed females get MEAN when other rabbits are in the same cage as her. Even if he is a sweet heart with other rabbits he will constantly rape the female 24-7, I know the word 'rape' sounds a little over board but he will chase her around until she is too tired to move and hump her constantly. Even if you do want to breed you cannot keep in the same cage because when the girl gets about two weeks pregnant she will fight until one of them is dead. Make sure you spay/neuter them both if you want them to stay together.
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To put the rabbits together you should
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