Can you live on Saturn?


Humans cannot live on the planet Saturn because they can not breathe the atmosphere on Saturn. Secondly, Saturn has a different atmosphere as that of the Earth; it does not have a surface, it is only made of gas.
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Humans can't live on Saturn, they wouldn't even survive descending through the atmosphere. The pressure and temperature rapidly climb as you go lower in the atmosphere and at some
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It is not possible for people to live on Saturn. The main reason is that it does not have a solid surface. It is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium which will not sustain life.
There are several reasons you cannot live on Saturn. Basically, the planet is inhabitable. There is no air, the temperature is -300 degrees Fahrenheit, and , the winds blow over 1,000 miles per hour. Do you still want to live on Saturn? You can find more information here:
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