Can You Make a Stock Muffler Louder?


Yes, a stock muffler can be made to sound louder. The insides of the stock muffler, like the buffer plates and insulating materials, can be removed to increase the sound output. You might need the services of a tinsmith or welder to get to the inside of it.
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Answer Don`t Drill Any Holes, Just Remove It. Ought To Be Loud EnoughDue To The ECM ( Electronic Control Module ++++++++ Computer )Your Car Was Designed With The Muffler ++++ Catalytic
You could always just drill some holes in your exhaust
I am going to assumn you have a carberated bike. Adding different mufflers will make it run lean. I would suggest adding a Dyno-jet kit and that will bring it back to the rich side.
All glass pack type mufflers get louder when they get older. What happens is that the fiber glass packing burns out and they start sounding louder and rattier. Give them a year and
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