Can You Marry Your First Cousin in the UK?


You can marry your first cousin in the UK as there is no law against it though there will be a very high likelihood of genetic defects being passed along to the child. Research has shown that the probability of having a child with birth defects is similar if both parents are cousins and if the mother is over 40.
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First cousin marriage has been practiced in the region now known as the UK for millennia. In more modern times it was common among the aristocracy and higher classes. It was always
1. Gather your family documents-letters from your grandparents, notes from long-standing friends, even former neighbors. The point is to get as much written information as you can
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Because the wedding took place in Pakistan. A country that UK has no legal control or authority to place restrictions on who can marry who. Or who will marry who under Pakistani customs
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There is no law denying marriage between first cousins. However, it is important to take a test first since a lot of arranged marriages with first cousins have ...
Marrying your first cousin is legal in the UK though this will raise eyebrows since many will question the morality of the union. The forbidden marriage law was ...
Marriage between first cousins is legal in the UK, but is regarded by many as taboo my most communities. ...
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