Can You Mix Dot 3 Brake Fluid with Dot 4?


Yes you can mix Dot 3 brake fluid with Dot 4. However, you should make it a habit to use of type. None of the two types should be mixed with the Dot 5.
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1. Clean and remove the cap from the top of the master-cylinder reservoir. Slide the fluid level sensor, if equipped, out of the reservoir and lay it aside. Suck out all of the old
dot4 fluid boils at higher temperature than dot3 fluid. The higher boiling point is important in applications that require lots of braking because the friction caused by breaking
It isn't talked about much because it is very basic and unchanged for years. The Department Of Transportation (DOT) has standards for its boiling point; DOT3 boils at a lower temperature
It will work, but you should have
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The dot 5 brake fluid has got a special color which is purple. Since this cannot be mixed with any other brake fluid, it has been given this color. This color ...
It is not a good idea to mix brake fluids because it can break down the integrity of the fluid itself as well as compromise the integrity of the braking system. ...
In order to change the brake fluid from Dot 3 to Dot 4, the best thing that you can do is to completely flush away Dot 4 from your brakes. This would mean professional ...
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