Can You Mix E85 Fuel with Regular Unleaded?


Mixing E85 Fuel with Regular Unleaded is indeed possible. However, there are certain repercussions. For example, you can expect the fuel economy of the vehicle to drop considerably.
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Because corn is up 325% Also it takes more fossil fuel to make ethanol than it contains. I will word that better. 1 gallon of ethanol contains 76,000 BTU(energy) to make 1 gallon
If you put E85 in a gas car the fuel will have to be
regular unleaded. it states this in the owners manual
The engine comes from japan, a daft statement but the engine was designed to run on unleaded petrol in japan and when they came to England we still ran fully leaded petrol the engine
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E85 is an ethanol based gasoline that contains 85 % of ethanol mixed with alcohol. It costs less than regular unleaded gasoline to help cut costs of fuel. This ...
E-85 is an alternative fuel source made of 85 percent alcohol and 15 percent gasoline. It is environmentally friendly, and burns much cleaner than regular gasoline ...
Plus (89 or 91 octane) will nor harm the engine or fuel system on an engine thats call for 87 octane. ...
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