Can You Mix Semi Gloss Paint with Flat Paint?


Any paint can be mixed as long as they both use the same base, such as mixing two water-based paints. Mixing a flat paint with a semi gloss paint will result in a somewhat satin or eggshell finish, depending on which kind of paint was dominant in the mixture.
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Can You Mix Semi-Gloss & Flat Paint?
Mixing semi-gloss and flat paint will product paint with a satin sheen. Satin paint provides durability with a little sheen, but it can be difficult trying to match a mixed paint. Consider buying satin paint instead of mixing two paints with advice from... More »
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You can apply flat paint over semi gloss, but it is best to lightly sand the semi gloss first, so the new paint will adhere to it better. In addition to sanding, ...
To begin painting over semi-gloss paint, one will need to take a few steps to prepare the surface. The surface will need to be sanded to remove the glossy finish ...
To make gloss paint flat, you need to mix in matte-finish paint. To do this, prepare a mixing medium. Put in equal amounts of gloss paint and matte-finish paint ...
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