Can You Name One Metaphor in the Poem My Mother Pieced Quilts?


One metaphor in the poem my mother pieced quilts is October ripened canvases, in this poem a mother is trying to come up with an exceptional character which will stay in the child's memory forever. This poem was written by Teresa Palomo Acosta who was born in 1949 and has a bachelor's degree in cultural studies.
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The quilt in My Mother Pieced Quilts is a material symbol of family'm...
1. Make a list of life metaphors. Don't think too much about it, just write down the sentence, "Life is a. and fill in the end with the first thing you think of that feels true
I think that the extended metaphor is the actual title, "Mother to Son" and it is this because in the poem life is compared to a crystal staircase.
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