Can You Ovulate during Your Period?


If you have irregular cycles then you can ovulate during your period. Since they are ovulating, these women are able to get pregnant if they have sex while they are on their period.
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Most women ovulate anywhere between Day 11 - Day 21 of > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Sexual and Family Health > Birth Control > What if your periods took 4 days and if you have ovulated can you conceive
Sorry there is no way it comes when it wants to come.
There are a lot of ways to delay it. I heard that eating lemons would help to delay it for a day or two. Sometimes when women are anxious or worried they get it later then they are
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It is possible for you to ovulate while you are on your period but it is highly unlikely. It would only occur if you have very long or very short periods so as to bring your time of ovulation closer to the time when you would normally start bleeding.
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