Can You Paint a Plastic Bathtub?


Yes, you can paint a plastic bathtub. Before you paint it with the primary color you want, you will need to prime it first then let it dry for a while. To make painting easy for you, it is advisable to use a spray when painting.
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1. Scrub the ABS plastic bathtub with a heavy-duty cleaner like trisodium phosphate, using a coarse brush. Rinse the bathtub thoroughly. Allow the bathtub to dry out completely, and
Learning how to paint plastic can help you bring new life to old plastic items. The smooth surface of plastic items can make it difficult to get paint to stick. Proper preparation
1. Prepare to paint a bathtub by cutting away old caulk with a putty knife and removing the drain cover. Ad. 2. Protect areas that you don't want to ruin when painting a tub. These
1. Make a baking soda paste before you clean the item. This paste works well in cleaning any plastic surface quickly and efficiently. Take three to five tablespoons of your regular
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To remove dirt stains from a plastic bathtub, you can use bleach. You can also try using a magic eraser sponge. ...
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