Can You Paint over Marble?


Though considered unconventional, it is actually possible to paint over marble stone. However, it is important for one to prepare the surface first before painting since marble is highly polished and hence no amount of paint would adhere to it without some preparations.
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1. Scrub the faux marble with a water-based detergent. Rinse the fake marble, using wet rags or a mop. Let the faux surface dry for two hours. 2. Sand the faux marble with 180-grit
If paint is stored in an air tight container in a controlled environment the past will last from 2 1/2 to 3 years. The best way to test is before use it to take it and stir it completely
Answer Look for an organic paint remover. If you use thinner it will damage the finish on the marble. If its oil base paint you might not have any choice but to refinish each tile
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To paint marble tile you must engage in exact provisions, brush the marble tile with soap, stain the surface carefully and allow it to dry before continuing. Shelter ...
To paint over peeling paint, any loose paint should be scraped or brushed away with a wire brush. If possible, sand over the remaining paint to smooth it and help ...
To paint a wall to look like marble you must first choose three paint colors and paint the room in two coats of the base paint. Using a paint sponge, you can dab ...
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