Can you paint over vinyl wallpaper?


It is possible to paint over vinyl wallpaper; however, if feasible, wallpaper should be removed prior to painting. If it is necessary to paint over vinyl wallpaper, certain preparation techniques must be utilized for proper results.

The best method is to remove the wallpaper, repair and prepare the walls and then apply paint, according to the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers. If, however, there are multiple layers of wallpaper or if taking it down may destroy the walls, leaving it up is an option. In that case, the painter needs to seal the wallpaper to the wall in any torn places, spackle over seams and irregularities and apply an oil-based primer prior to painting. Painting over wallpaper makes future wallpaper removal more difficult.

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1. Wash the surface of the wallpaper with a degreaser. Clean it with a cotton cloth or sponge and rinse the degreaser off using clean water. Dry with a cloth and let dry for one to
1. Clean the entire surface thoroughly with TSP or a TSP substitute. TSP stands for tri-sodium phosphate; it's an excellent cleaning agent that is often used after mineral spirits
YOU DON'T. It will be a mess if you ever want to remove the paper. Rent a wallpaper steamer at Lowes or Home Depot. It will peel off easily with the steamer. If you want to paint
Wallpaper's main advantage is that it allows a decorator can quickly apply a complex texture on a wall. Applying complex textures with paint requires considerable time and expertise
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