Can PS3 games be played on the PS2 console?


There are some games of PS3 that you can you play on PS2. The only model of PS3 console that is compatible and can play PS2 and the other original games of Playstation is the 80GB model. The PS3 40GB model is not compatible with PS2 games.
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you can play ps3 games on ps2 just you need a ps2 any controller and a ps3 game then take the disc on your ps2 then it says disc read error then you press. triangle triangle square
1. Look at the number of USB ports on the front of the console. If your PS3 has four USB ports, it's probably a model with backward compatibility for PS2 games. If it has two, it
Not all PS3's can play PS 2 games. It depends on 20G/60G/80G. Go to the
1. Find out if your PS3 is backwards compatible. The Playstation 3 has gone through a number of updates and changes, and while some versions of the console can be used to play PS2
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