Can you put a life jacket used in the lake, in a pool?


If you have a life jacket that you previously used in a lake, there is no reason that the same life jacket cannot be used in your pool at a later time. As long as the life jacket is intact and undamaged it can be used in the pool.
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The deep end of a pool is where good swimmers can go, where they can enjoy. People with life jackets don't really belong there.
In terms of donning a PFD, it's very hard to describe. I have taught it, but in the water. I tried to find something on line, but I think no one wants the liability: Many types of
In a controlled "ditching over water" where you might be able to use a chute if you had enough altitude... you can also survive the trip to the water staying in the plane.
For a child this age, it would be irresponsible to put him in the water alone, even if you are standing closeby. Pull out your swimsuit and take a dip in the shallow end with him.
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