Can You Put a Regular Mattress in a Waterbed Frame?


You can put a regular mattress in a waterbed frame. A standard double mattress will usually fit a single platform bed. Custom sized mattresses can be ordered to fit hard to fit waterbed frames.
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1. Unplug the waterbed's heater. 2. Drain the water from the waterbed mattress. You may use an electric pump or simply attach a standard garden hose to the fill hole. Suck on the
There is a lot to cover here so please bare with me. You have a softside waterbed- they do not make an insert that will fit the cavity of your mattress and a customer air mattress
If the wall is framed in wood then you pull out the metal frame block in the wall to the size of the new wood framed exterior door and install that door. You will want 2 studs on
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