Can You Put a T Mobile SIM Card into a Verizon Phone and It Work?


You cannot put a T-Mobile sim card into a Verizon phone because the technology that Verizon uses is different than T-Mobile. Verizon does not use sim cards in their cell phones.
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1. Insert the end of a paperclip in the small hole on the top of your iPhone beside the SIM tray. 2. Gently push down on the hole until your iPhone's SIM tray pops out. 3. Remove
SIM. stands for. Subscriber Identity Module. It is card that stores your information on it like your phone number and can also store contacts (and I think it can store SMS messages
Sprint, Verizon, and T-mobile phones do not use sim't-sprint%2C...
1. Get a sharp pin and stick it through the hole on the top. (about a mm wide) Ad. 2. Pull the pin up slowly, bringing the SIM holder with it. 3. Insert the Sim, with the cut off
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