Can You Put Acrylic Paint over Oil Paint?


There is no strict rule on oil and acrylic paints, because the material you are painting on is what matters. For canvas, there those you can paint with both colors but still you have to be sure the type allows. If you are sure it's okay then use oil paint first and let it dry then apply the acrylic.
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1. Moisten a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. 2. Rub the area of acrylic paint with the moistened cloth. The paint will wipe away from the oil-based paint. 3. Wipe down the area with
In time it will peel or flake, the oil in the paint won't allow the acrylic paint to adhere properly.
Well it's going to be pretty absorbent so i'd reccommend an acrylic primer as a first coat, followed by whatever you like.
Varnish is more than simply a layer to protect your painting from pollution in the atmosphere and abrasion. It will also bring out the colors to the brilliance they had when you applied
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No, you cant put acrylic paint over oil paint because it will not paint well or the mixture and texture wil not match to be perfect. Acrylic Paint is manily used as an under paint than a top paint on any surface being painted.
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