Can You Put Human Eye Drops in Dogs Eyes?


You can put human eye drops in dog's eyes though you should not attempt this is as a home treatment without diagnosis from a veterinarian. The most common ailment in dogs treated with eye drops is dog conjunctivitis.
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1. Read the instructions on your medication. It's very important to follow all the instructions given to you by your dog's veterinarian or by the eye-drop manufacturer. Read the bottle
1. Hold your dog securely. If possible, ask someone else to hold your dog while you apply the medication so that you're freed up to concentrate just on the task at hand. Having a.
Its very sore your poor dog .What my vet did was to give me pain killing drops to put them in first then i could add the eye drops . I would suggest you ask your vet for a pain killing
Depends if there is an object in the eye causing it to water. First, try rinsing it with a saline eye drop solution. You can get it at the drug store. There may be a small particle
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