Can you put human eye drops in a dog's eye?


According to Healthy Pets, dog owners should not put most human eye drops into their pets' eyes. The only exception is saline solution used for contact lenses. This eye-irrigating liquid is acceptable for rinsing dogs' eyes.

Some dogs get eye infections that require treatment, but Healthy Pets recommends several ways for owners to reduce the possibility of these problems. After a dog has been outside, its face should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove allergens, dirt, mulch and other irritants. The hair around dogs' eyes should be kept short. A dog should not be allowed to ride in cars with its head out the window. In addition, the eyes of dogs that frequently tear should be kept clean of dried salt that tends to collect in eye corners.

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only ones given by your vet.
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What drops are you using? Is it the active ingredient Pilocarpine? A dry nose and a dry eye is caused by a nerve condition that is treated with pilocarpine. If that is not in the
Eye Drops. • First try to silence the dog before doing anything. • Get rid of or clean any discharge fluid near the eye with cotton dampened with saline water or solution.
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