Can You Put New Grout on top of Old Grout?


It is not advisable to put new grout on top of old grout. If you do this it will fill up the grout lines just like new but over a given period of time, it will lead to the same problem.
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Can You Put New Grout on Top of Old Grout?
When regrouting a tile wall or floor in the bathroom, you may wonder if you can place new grout directly on top of the old grout. Removing the grout between floor tiles is an arduous task, and removing grout from wall tiles can cause the tiles to fall... More »
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1. Scrape your grout saw along the damaged portions of the grout, digging out all that's loose or cracked and taking it all the way to solid surrounding grout. Make sure that any
Apply sealer as soon as the grout has lost the "Heat of Hydration" usually in a matter of hours. Choose a sealer carefully! Read the cautionary statements on the product
If scrubbing doesn't work use a specialized cleaner. Many of
The single edged razor blade in a holder of course is a good idea. Solvents and cleaners don't do much for silicone, and scouring devices will probably damage the finish on the marble
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You can grout tile by mixing small batches of grout to the consistency of cake batter. Use a rubber float trowel to put the grout down with, because this will ...
When cleaning a grout you should use half a cup of the stuff mixed with one cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the mouldy areas. Don't rinse. ...
You can remove old grout with a grout saw or a rotary tool that you've put a carbide drill bit into. You can also remove old grout with a chisel and a hammer to ...
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