Can you put new grout on top of old grout?


Although new grout can be applied over old grout, it is not recommended. Old and new layers do not adhere to each other; this is nothing more than a temporary solution. The initial problem is likely to recur.

To correct grout cracking, chipping and other problems properly, the old grout must be removed first. Dust and debris must be carefully cleaned up in order to provide a good surface to which the new grout can adhere. During the application process, the grout must be pressed well into the cracks to make sure there are no gaps to interfere with maximum adhesion.

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Can You Put New Grout on Top of Old Grout?
When regrouting a tile wall or floor in the bathroom, you may wonder if you can place new grout directly on top of the old grout. Removing the grout between floor tiles is an arduous task, and removing grout from wall tiles can cause the tiles to fall... More »
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