Can You Put Stain over Paint?


You can put stain over paint depending on the type of paint and the surface it is on. If you are considering staining a wood deck, you can use a solid stain without sanding off the paint. Solid stain is different than the transparent type and won't penetrate into the wood, but instead will sit on top of it.
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1. Prepare your work area. Work in a well-ventilated space or outdoors if possible. Cover the flooring with newspaper or plastic sheeting. 2. Remove the drawers from the dresser.
1. Go to the stain and grab a bucket of water and a sponge. Ad. 2. Wet the stain and now get some wood paint that you would use for the Patio. 3. Paint it over and let it dry. 4.
depends on what color you are painting it . generally you would want to paint it white. i would go with a clear coat of primer first and then some white. then two to three coats of
It depends on the nature of the stain. Is it oil-based? If it is, the main difference would be that the paint will give more coverage and will eventually flake. Both will need to
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