Can You Reboil a Soft Boiled Egg?


Yes, you can reboil a soft boiled egg. You might want to do this if you noticed that upon shelling the egg it was not cooked properly or it was not cooked as much as you had originally wanted. There might be a slight discoloration in the egg if reboiling it causes it to overcook a little, but this is not harmful.
Q&A Related to "Can You Reboil a Soft Boiled Egg?"
To make a soft boiled egg you boil water over hob until it bubbles then put your egg in and leave it for 3 Minutes then take out.
Boiled eggs do not last as long as raw eggs. According to the Benton-Franklin County Health District, refrigerated hard boiled eggs with the shells still on can be safely eaten within
Put your egg in a small saucepan & cover them with cold water, turn...
Lay the egg on its side on a flat surface and spin it (gently, of course) If it spins without any problem, it's hard-boiled. If it moves around or wobbles when trying to spin it,
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