Can You Reenlist with a General Discharge?


Yes you can reenlist with a general discharge. You are not able to reenlist yourself before 93 days. However, after this time you have a chance to reenlist yourself.
Q&A Related to "Can You Reenlist with a General Discharge?"
1. Find the reenlistment code on the general discharge form. Every discharge from the military includes a reenlistment code. 2. Contact a military recruiting office for the desired
This is from my fiancee' the former first lieutenant - he says that all you have to do is go to your local recruiter and tell him that you want to reenlist.
Two years out you enter the 'Bravo Zone' and you can begin talking to a retention officer. Your options open up even further when you enter the 'Alpha Zone', which is one year away
Unless you are a linguist or special forces, you aren't going to be able to reenlist. Try going Active Reserves. It's what I'm doing since AR allows for the POSSIBILITY of transferring
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