Can You Reenlist with a General Discharge?


Yes you can reenlist with a general discharge. You are not able to reenlist yourself before 93 days. However, after this time you have a chance to reenlist yourself.
Q&A Related to "Can You Reenlist with a General Discharge?"
1. Find the reenlistment code on the general discharge form. Every discharge from the military includes a reenlistment code. 2. Contact a military recruiting office for the desired
You have to talk to a recruiter, and try to get a waiver. These days, you won't get a waiver, the military is downsizing big time. You can apply to have your RE code changed at the
This is from my fiancee' the former first lieutenant - he says that all you have to do is go to your local recruiter and tell him that you want to reenlist.
Unless you are a linguist or special forces, you aren't going to be able to reenlist. Try going Active Reserves. It's what I'm doing since AR allows for the POSSIBILITY of transferring
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