Can You Refreeze Meat If Its Been Cooked?


It is safe to refreeze meat after it has been cooked. Raw meat however, shouldn't be refrozen.
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Cooked lobster meat is white. Cooked lobsters are red.
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as it cooks the blood from the meat drips out and all juices come out to make sure the meat is cooked put a cocktail stick or skwerew in and the juices should run clear.
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Cooked meat can be refrozen as long as it is cooled before doing it. It is important to ensure proper hygiene while refreezing it so as to avoid food poisoning and the meat going bad.
Cooked meat can be frozen only that it is going to lose some moisture, but you can add some extra sauce when reheating it. Ensure that if the meat was originally fresh and then thawed, and later after refrozen again, this will not cause illness in any way. However, if it had been frozen, thawed and stays for a long time out of the freezer, it may spoil once taken back to the fridge.
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