Can You Refreeze Pork?


You can refereeze pork but it is highly advisable to do it without cooking. Ensure that you don't leave it outside the fridge for longer than 2 hours and make sure that it is frozen at the right temperatures.
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8. Exactly 8. No more though, that would be silly. Although sausages you can do 9 times.
If the meat was as cold as if it had been defrosted in the refrigerator then it is OK to refreeze. Source(s):!ut/p/_s.…
Reasons are that the taste of the meat will degrade with constant re-freezing and bacteria will spread with re-freezing, not all bacteria dies in cold.
Pork should not be re-frozen again after defrosting it. But it can be done. Try and vacuum seal the pork making sure that all the air is taken out of cover or container. To freeze
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Yes, you can freeze pork pie. The only thing that you need to do is to follow the freezing instructions on the wrapper. However, you should not defrost and refreeze ...
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