Can You Ride a Zebra?


It is possible to ride a zebra, although very difficult, to coach a zebra to be ridden and to pull carriages. You could ride one, but it's hard for it to do what you want and would do its best to throw you off.
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1. Work closely with the zebra's trainer to ride the zebra properly. Make sure that the trainer has put reigns on the zebra so you can hold onto it when you are on top. 2. Approach
one. they are very hard to tame (very shy) two. their legs are shorter and their heads are bigger that horses
From Wikipedia: "Attempts have been made to train zebras for riding, since they have better resistance than horses to African diseases. Most of these attempts failed, though,
It was great. It was so fun because, you know, zebras are very different than horses. They each have their own personalities and it’s very interesting to see. But they&rsquo
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Yes you or anyone else can ride a zebra if you are brave enough. It is very hard to train a zebra to be ridden. Zebras are very aggressive animals and not to found of people on their backs. You can find more information here:
Well, that depends on how bad you want to ride one. Domesticating zebras has proved to be difficult to impossible. They are cousins of the horse, so yes you could ride one, but it would not do what you want and would probably do its best to throw you off. You can find more information here:
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