Can You Run a Fever with Allergies?


Yes, allergies can bring on a fever. Some allergy symptoms are very similar to that of a cold or the flu. It is generally a low grade fever. If a high fever accompanies allergies it is best to see your physician.
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Can you automatically tell that it's spring or fall by your allergy hay fever symptoms? Like clockwork every March, millions of allergy hay fever suffers develop an annoying runny
Allergies from hay fever can have a number of different environmental causes. Hay fever can result as an allergic reaction to tree pollen, grass pollen, spores, fungi, and mold.
Your doctor can help you decide what to do. You can: Avoid the things that cause your symptoms. Use medicines.
1 Humidify your air. Buy an air humidifier, or two. Although it seems counterintuitive, allergies tend to inhibit the body processes that keep the nasal passages moist. When you first
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There are many differences between allergies and the flu. The flu is accompanied by a high fever while allergies may only run low grade fevers. The flu also is ...
Allergies can cause you to have a fever. An allergy related fever should be low-grade and should not exceed 100.5 degrees. ...
Hay fever occurs as a result of allergy to pollen grain. The symptoms of this fever vary from person to person. These symptoms may include itchy, running and/or ...
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