Can You Smoke and Drive?


You cannot smoke and drive at the same time. This is because there are road safety related laws that prohibit smoking while driving. Smoking while driving a motor vehicle is viewed by the authorities as a distraction which may ultimately result in the occurrence of accidents or heavy fines.
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Condensation that accumulates inside the exhaust pipes, converter and mufflers can produce a puff of white smoke upon diesel engine start-up. In very cold temperatures, the heated
Honestly, I have driven high before, but I advise against driving under the influence of anything. Since my high typically wears off 2-3 hours after smoking, I'd say you'd be safe
Jul 7, 2010 . Roll the windows up when you get in the car And I'ma light
If your only definition of "danger" is "likelihood of death," then maybe you could make some unexpected argument that driving is actually less safe than smoking.
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