Can You Smoke Morphine?


Morphine is a pain killer that has been abused for years. This drug has been smoked by people who abuse the drug. Misuse if this drug is not recommended and it is illegal.
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well of course you can! i do it everyday and its healthy if you are very familar with oxycottin. you just got to lick off the coating and stick it on some good ol' tin foil and there
One popular method for smoking Morphine is crushing the pill up on tin foil, spreading it around lightly
buy a crack pipe, and then crush up the pills and melt them in a metal spoon, when it hardens it should look like a crystal, crush it a little again and smoke it.
I've heard of smoking opium so I'm assuming that you can smoke morphine. I've heard people describe snorting rails of crushed morphine pills, but friends described smoking it and.
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You can smoke morphine sulfate but it is not suggested and could harm your lungs or cause other health problems. Morphine sulfate is only intended for oral use ...
you become an idiot.if you are not already!Leave drugs alone! ...
The term "freebasing" is a misnomer as it refers to the composition of the drug. It does not mean "to smoke" the drug per se, but you cannot ...
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