Can you smoke the leaves of a marijuana plant?


According to Health Services at Brown University, you can smoke all dried parts of the marijuana plant, including flowers, leaves and stems. The flower buds have more concentrated amounts of THC than the leaves or stems.

Marijuana is smoked in several ways:

  • Rolled in a cigarette known as a "joint"
  • Pressed into a pipe
  • In a water-filled pipe called a "bong"
  • In a “blunt" or a cigar emptied of tobacco and repacked with marijuana

While most users smoke the drug, it can also be eaten with food. This delays but lengthens the effects.

Marijuana use, either medicinally or recreationally, is not legal in a lot of locations, and it is a Schedule II prohibited narcotic under federal law. Consult local laws for terms of usage.
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not much. You might get a little high, but the chemicals that cause the "high" are mostly found in the bud. The leaves are just harsh on your lungs and taste gross.
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yes it can be a false positive.
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