Can You Steam Frozen Vegetables?


You can steam frozen vegetables.It is faster than steaming fresh vegetables.You can either use a stove or microwave.When using a microwave,you should put tables of water,then on them place as many frozen vegetables.
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1. Steaming frozen vegetables is as easy as steaming fresh vegetables, it just takes less time to do it. To start, you'll need either a kitchen stove or a microwave. 2. Microwave
I use an alumunin strainer over top of pot of boiling water place vegetables inside strainer and cover with alum foil and steam for 10 minutes. Old school but it works.
The easiest way to steam vegetables is to put them in the top of a double boiler and let the steam cook them. Otherwise, you can put them in a heavy pot with a tight fitting lid and
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Vegetables are steamed by boiling one inch or two of water in a big cooking pot. Cut the vegetables to the equal size and then put them on the steaming rank in ...
To steam frozen lobster tails, first put them in a big pot. Add about 1 cup of water for the steam. Turn the burner on Medium High and put a lid on the pot. Steam ...
Siopao is a steamed bun which is a Filipino delicacy. For Siopao that is frozen, the best method is actually in a rice cooker. Align the Siopao in the cooker and ...
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