Can You Take Nyquil during Pregnancy?


You cannot take NyQuil during pregnancy. This is because the medication has a high alcohol content and can harm the fetus.
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Nyquil (apap/dextromethorphan/doxylamine): Precautions
They need to know if you have any of these conditions: asthma, bronchitis, or other lung disease cough that does not go away cough with a lot of phlegm glaucoma if you frequently drink alcohol containing drinks liver disease phenylketonuria taken More »
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Good nutrition is very important when you are pregnant. You will want to ensure you get plenty of whole grains, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin C and green leafy vegetables. You should
You should be fine, let your DR know. You should take Tylenol PM instead though in the future.
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1. Make an appointment with a doctor or midwife as soon as you find out that you are pregnant so that you can begin prenatal care early on. Good medical care from the start of your
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No, taking Nyquil is not safe during pregnancy. If you have a cold and congestion, take a medication without any alcohol content. Tylenol Cold is a good recommendation ...
Nyquil is not considered to be safe for use during pregnancy. It contains levels of alcohol, which can cause developmental problems and fetal alcohol syndrome. ...
Things that can relieve Toothaches during Pregnancy are; the FDA approved Tylenol, Cloves, Pain Relievers that you can get from a pharmacy such as Orajel, Anbesol ...
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