Can You Tell Me about Egg Flotation?


Egg flotation research and experiments are a common science project in school. The hypothesis that is tested is this 'an egg will sink in regular tap water. How much salt will it take to make it float instead'. The premise is this, when you add salt to water it becomes more dense and if enough is dissolved into the water, it will be dense enough to cause the egg to float. You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "Can You Tell Me about Egg Flotation"
eggs float better with water and salt but they do not float in just water.
1. Ask where the egg came from. Eggs from a supermarket are infertile, while eggs from a breeder farm may or may not have been incubated yet. 2. Examine the egg's shell. Cracks or
1. Time it! Then crack it! Ad. 2. Place egg in pan of cold water, turn heat on, when water boils time; 4 minutes for soft boil, 8 minutes for hard. 3. Crack it! eat it hot. Or cool
There is air within the egg in addition to the other relatively buoyant substances.
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