Can You Tell Me Some Interesting Facts about Poland?


Poland, a country which is centrally located in Europe, has a population of about 39 million people and is the ninth largest country in Europe. Most Poles consider their name day more important than their birthdays. Some funny facts about Poland can be found on this website;
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Overrun countless times by marauding aggressors, subjugated to overbearing foreign rule for centuries, and now told their beloved vodka
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tha answer is im not good.
Some interesting facts about Motziv, Poland is it is located
It depeneds what is interesting for you:In Poland people wear wedding ring on the rigt hand.Goverment is silly ( it's hard to explain, you must live here to understand) and.Sallary
Think you know everything! just read... *Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. *Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. *There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar
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Some interesting facts about Motziv, Poland is it is located bet. ...
Interesting facts about Warsaw, Poland include the fact that though it was ranked as a minor world city, in 2007 it was said to be the 67th most expensive city ...
Poland is a country that is located in Central Europe and is bordered by Germany. Some of the interesting facts about Poland are the population of Poland was 39 ...
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