Can You Transport a Fridge on Its Side?


A fridge can be transported lying on its side but you run the risk of the oil in the compressors running into the cooling lines. After moving it, it is advisable to leave it to stand upright for at least an hour before plugging it in.
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1. Open the refrigerator and remove all the food items inside. Remove all the shelving and trays that are removable. If you are moving the refrigerator from one house to another,
The liquid coolant will pool in "gaseous" lines. Usually if you stand the refrigerator up properly for 24 hours it will go back to working normally.
I think if u lay ur fridge to the side the "freeon" will like spill and then ur fridge would be useless : I wouldn't do it if I were u! LoL Hope I helped. Source(s) Me.
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Well for a brand new fridge freezer, it can be moved when it is lying down. However for second hand fridge freezers, this is not so, it has to be transported in ...
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No, a refrigerator should not be transported on its side. Refrigerators should be kept in an upright position as much as possible. Laying a refrigerator on its ...
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