Can you transport a refrigerator lying down?


A refrigerator should be transported in an upright position. Laying a refrigerator on its side can cause oil to leak into the cooling tubes, which may cause permanent damage.

Moving and transporting a refrigerator can be a difficult task because of its size. Several pieces of equipment can make the job a little easier. These include a large dolly, moving straps or strong rope and tape. All contents should be removed prior to transport and the drawers should be taped shut. The doors of the refrigerator should also be secured. An appropriate vehicle or trailer equipped with a ramp is also necessary to transport the refrigerator.

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The chief risk to turning a fridge on its side or back is that the fluids inside the appliance's motor may move where they shouldn't go. The oil in the compressor, for example, may
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the reason you need to let them is after being on their side is because the oil runs out of the sump of the compressor and gathers in the low point (the side it's laying on) in the't-you-lay-a...
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When transporting a refrigerator it is recommended that the refrigerator be transported while laying on it's back. It is best to keep it upright. This is to keep ...
No, a refrigerator should not be transported on its side. Refrigerators should be kept in an upright position as much as possible. Laying a refrigerator on its ...
Well for a brand new fridge freezer, it can be moved when it is lying down. However for second hand fridge freezers, this is not so, it has to be transported in ...
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