Can you transport a refrigerator on its side?


No, a refrigerator should not be transported on its side. Refrigerators should be kept in an upright position as much as possible. Laying a refrigerator on its side can lead to oil leaking into the cooling tubes, which can cause damage to the appliance.

Because refrigerators are large and heavy appliances, they can be very difficult to move. There are several ways to make the job easier. The refrigerator should be completely empty prior to moving it. All doors and drawers should be secured shut. A moving dolly, moving straps and a truck or trailer equipped with a ramp should be available to assist in moving the refrigerator.

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1. Take all items out of the refrigerator. You may place perishable items in an ice chest or dispose of them before moving. 2. Remove all shelves from the refrigerator. Tape all of
The liquid coolant will pool in "gaseous" lines. Usually if you stand the refrigerator up properly for 24 hours it will go back to working normally.
A refrigerator should always be transported upright. Refrigerators
Give it 24 hrs minimum. The compressor is supposed to compress GAS, not liquid refrigerant or the lubricating oil. Letting it sit for 24 hrs allows the liquids to drain into the compressor
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A refrigerator should be transported in an upright position. Laying a refrigerator on its side can cause oil to leak into the cooling tubes, which may cause permanent ...
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