Can You Unlock Imei Locked Phones?


It is possible to unlock a phone whose IMEI number had been blocked. However, this is only done by the service provider once the handset which had reportedly been lost is found. Often, customer verification has to be carried out before the unblocking is done.
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1. Locate the 15-digit IMEI code. This is sometimes printed on the phone under the battery. You can also sometimes find it in your phone's setting page or by entering a special code
My mobile lost we want to lock with imei no91114185001858
Using the IMEI Number they generate Unlock code or Unlocking service for the Particular I-phone and unlock it.People getting unlock code using the IMEI.They gather the Unlock code
Enter the "pin" code
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Scroll down to the settings option and click on more, this takes you to the restrict and lock options. Enter the last four digits of your phone number, as this ...
You can unlock your phone for free by simply Key *#06# to find your ?IMEI? needed for unlocking, this may also be found on the battery of your phone. Dial 0906 ...
I think you are referring to blocking a number. Although your cell phone company can lock your phone or your phone number. Blocking a number means that a person ...
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