Can You Unscramble These Letters and Make a Word the Letters Are Jourin?


If you take the scrambled letters jourin and unscramble them, you get the word 'junior.' There's several programs on the internet that can help you unscramble words.
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1. Design a theme for the puzzle. If you are creating a word scramble puzzle in reference to a vocabulary lesson on new science words, for example, you would stick with a science
PEXTSER unscrambled makes the word experts. Are you playing the
When unscrambled, the letters "HCPRAATEU" is Parachute. DaVinci sketched the design for the first parachute in 1485. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012
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An unscramble-type game is one where the letters of either a single word or double words is rearranged or jumbled together. The gamer finds the right word by unscrambling ...
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