Can You Use a Button for a Nucleus on a Plant Cell Project?


I don't see why you couldn't use a button to represent a nucleus on a plant cell project, as long as it's size was representative or in proportion to the cell.
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The nucleus is the region of the cell that contains the genetic material of the cell which are pairs of chromosomes. The chromosomes are responsible for controlling the metabolic
1. Cut a strip of green corrugated paper about 4 feet in length. Glue the ends together so that it forms a circle about 12 inches in diameter. Use hot glue to attach this loop to
The nucleus is a spherical body containing many organelles, including
nucleus is an important part of the controls all the metabolic activities of the cell. its elements are: 1)nuclear membrane. 2)nuclear pores. 3)nucleolus. 4)chromatin net.
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The function of the nucleus in a plant cell is to control the many functions of the cell. It does this by communicating with the surrounding cytoplasm via numerous ...
Yes, the activities of both plant and animal cells are controlled by the nucleus. However, plant cells differ from animal cells because they contain chlorophyll. ...
Some plant cells that lack a nucleus include the central vacuole cells, xylem, and sieve tube cells. The xylem cells help the plant to stay rigid. These are the ...
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