Can You Use a Human Pregnancy Test on a Dog?


A human pregnancy test cannot be used on a dog. There are other ways to tell if a dog is pregnant without taking her to the vet for a checkup. Check to see if your dog's appetite has decreased over the past few days. Is the dog not as active? Has her nipples increased in size? Dogs generally give birth after nine weeks of being pregnant.
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Tests usually detect hCG shortly after implantation,
Not medical advice: You can test for pregnancy 10 days after ovulation or wait until a missed period.
you should wait either 3 weeks after the date of intercourse or one week after your missed period. Good Luck
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You cannot use a human pregnancy test on a dog since dogs have their own pregnancy tests. This test measures the pregnancy hormone relaxin in your dog's bloodstream and your vet can give this test 22 days after your dog has mated.
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