Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Metal?


Yes, you can use acrylic paint on metal. For example, garage doors are made of metal and it is not uncommon to use an acrylic paint to cover a garage door. As always, you will want to paint your item first with primer.
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1. Clean the metal surface which you will be painting with alcohol wipes. This will remove any dust and dirt that would cause a problem during painting. 2. Apply the oil-based primer
Learning how to paint metal is an important skill that can help you extend the life of metal objects. A continuous coat of paint is the best way to protect metal from the damaging
1. Visit art supply websites to view the available fluorescent acrylic paints. Paints come in jars, bottles and tubes and in varying viscosities (thickness and resistance to flow)
1. Clean your brushes immediately after use by working the paint out from the ferrule toward the tip of the brush. 2. Avoid leaving your brushes in liquid for extended periods of
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