Can You Use Diesel Fuel in a Kerosene Heater?


It would not be a safe choice to burn #2 diesel fuel in a kerosene heater. It is not clean and would wreck your heater. However, #1 diesel fuel and kerosene are the same thing and can be used interchangeably.
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1. Purchase a new fuel container to store the kerosene heater fuel. Never store the fuel in a used container as this can contaminate the fuel, which can lead to a fire. 2. Check the
7.1 lbs for no1. and 7.6 lbs for no2. 6.9 lbs for kerosene. and 6.2 lbs for gasoline.
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Normally, diesel is blue. In the USA, it varies from clear to yellow. Kerosene is clear to a slight yellow. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 11:52PM EST
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You can use diesel fuel in a kerosene heater as diesel is essentially a heavy version of Kerosene. The downside to such an arrangement is that it would emit more smoke than kerosene and clog up the wick faster.
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Diesel fuel is made up of four major components: Kerosene, which makes up 42%, ether 30%, castor oil 24% and amyl nitrate 3%. Diesel combustion quality is measured ...
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You can use kerosene in diesel engines to thin (reduce viscosity) the diesel. When diesel is mixed with kerosene, the diesel fuel cannot undergo gelling in cold ...
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