Can You Use Diesel instead of Kerosene?


You can use diesel instead of kerosene if you can achieve the right lubricating ability. You will need to check with your mechanic to get the exact formula for exchanging the use of diesel instead of kerosene.
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1. Check the vehicle's instrument panel fuel gauge to determine the amount of fuel present. If the truck is outfitted with a reserve or auxiliary tank, add that amount of fuel into
Diesel and kerosene are quite close chemically. Kerosene has some heavier paraffins and would clog the injectors of a diesel engine.
it would probably explode. Source(s) Almost failed physics last year.
Kerosene is a light diesel in away. Add one gallon to ten gallons of diesel should be fine. HotRod O---{oII] DieselPro
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The choice between the uses of kerosene fuel instead of diesel depends on the application. For instance, cars and other automobiles have engines that are programmed ...
You can use kerosene in diesel engines to thin (reduce viscosity) the diesel. When diesel is mixed with kerosene, the diesel fuel cannot undergo gelling in cold ...
Diesel fuel is made up of four major components: Kerosene, which makes up 42%, ether 30%, castor oil 24% and amyl nitrate 3%. Diesel combustion quality is measured ...
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