Can You Use Frontline for Cats on Dogs?


No, their formulas are different from each other. The Frontline Plus website states that Frontline Plus for dogs and cats are different. However, you can use Frontline Spray on both species without having to buy a specific product for each.
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Ticks and fleas are a common problem for both dogs and cats. Frontline is a liquid medication that is packaged in individual vials. You apply the medication to dogs and cats in the
Frontline for Dogs is not dangerous to cats (or Frontline for Cats to dogs) They are simply different doses of the same active ingredients (because of the species differences) Frontline
Frontline Plus offers the longest lasting, most complete flea and tick
1. Turn the tube of Frontline Plus so the label is facing you. Ad. 2. Break off the end of the tube at the line indicator. 3. Hold the cat securely so it cannot move freely. 4. Part
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Frontline is a topical tick and flea preventative for cats and dogs. You can buy this product from a number of stores which include Pet-Supermarket and MedicAnimal ...
If your cat still has fleas after treating her/him with Frontline, it is worth taking the short questionnaire on the Frontline product website. This questionnaire ...
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