Can You Use Fuel Injectors from a Mitsubushi Evolution on a Honda Civic?


It may not be best for you to use fuel injector from a Mitsubishi Evolution on a Honda Civic. It's probably best to buy new fuel for the car to avoid any issues.
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1. Pour a bottle of fuel injector cleaner into a full tank of fuel. One bottle every couple months is good practice for preventative maintenance. Fuel injection cleaner works well
Open the fuel door and take off the gas cap to relieve sum fuel pressure. Under the hood is a 15 amp fuse. The box is in the upper left corner. It is the fuse on the top. Next you
The Stock Flow Rate (cc/min) of a stock fuel injector
there is the fuel rail and injectors right between the intake and valve pan. the fuel rain runs ontop of the injectors. hope it helps.
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