Can You Use People Shampoo on Dogs?


There are particular shampoos made specifically for dogs. However, you can also use human shampoo on dogs. The best shampoo should be least fragrant and have the most base. It is even better if you use baby shampoo when cleaning your dog.
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Using human shampoo on a dog will not harm him but it is not recommended. Human shampoo does not have the correct pH level dogs needs to keep their coats silky and shiny. It may strip the oils in his coat.
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You can use baby shampoo on your dog. This shampoo does not affect the dog's coat. Baby shampoo is good for a dog because the soap does not burn the eyes. ...
Human shampoo should not be used on dogs. Most shampoos have ingredients in them that may cause skin irritation in animals. Using dog shampoo would be the best ...
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